Meet the Nation’s Most Statistically Incredible Team – The University of Washington Huskie

University of Washington football fans came up on the short end of the stick Saturday (10-13-07) when the Arizona State Sun Devils blew into Seattle and extended their winning streak to 7 with a 44-20 second half victory. The Sun Devils outscored Washington in the third quarter 21-0 and in the second half 31-3, and it is a good thing because if the game had ended at the half, Washington would have won 17-13.

Therein lies the challenge of the youthful, inexperienced Washington Huskies: they played a terrible 3rd quarter and have not yet learned how to win games.

This statistic would not mean much unless you know that:

Washington led then No. 10-ranked Ohio State 7-3 at the half and lost 33-14 in its 3rd game. It was tied with then No. 27-rated UCLA 10-10 at the half and lost 44-31 in its 4th game.

Washington led then No. 1-ranked Southern Cal 17-14 at the half and lost 27-24 in its 5th game. They led then No. 12-ranked Arizona State 17-13 at the half and lost 44-20 in its 6th game.

You better believe that Sun Devil Coach Dennis Erickson was more than sweating bullets after watching redshirt freshman quarterback Jake Locker scamper for a 32-yard touchdown run with 4:11 to go in the first half, giving Washington its 17-13 lead.

Do Husky fans realize that if each of these games ended at the half, Washington’s record would be 5-0-1 rather than 2-4? Washington would have anufabetเว็บไหนดีสุด unbeaten record after polishing off Syracuse 42-12 in an away game and upsetting then No. 22-ranked Boise State 24-10 in its first two games.

Please, do not be sophomoric (as in sometimes moronic) and remind me that a game lasts 60 minutes and only the final score counts. To do so would ignore the point I am making. You could with fairness make the point that the Huskies have been tripping over themselves coming out of the locker room to start the second half of their last 4 games.

Why this has been happening leaves Coach Ty Willingham clueless. He is quoted in the Tacom

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